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» » Christopher Hogwood - Handel: Agrippina
Christopher Hogwood - Handel: Agrippina album download

Christopher Hogwood - Handel: Agrippina album download

Christopher Hogwood
Handel: Agrippina
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Слушайте Christopher Hogwood: Handel и скачивайте бесплатно в формате mp3 прямо сейчас, без кодов, смс и регистации. March in D, HW. 45 - Christopher Hogwood, The Academy of Ancient Music. There Sweetest Flowers - Patrizia Kwella, The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood. Alessandro Severo: Overture - HWVA13 - Christopher Hogwood, The Academy of Ancient Music. Thrice happy - Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood. Battaglia - The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood. Alpestre monte - Emma Kirkby, The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood.

Christopher Hogwood, conductor. Album: The Art of Cecila Bartoli. Album: Bach: Goldberg Variations; Handel: Suite No 2, Ohlsson. 9 min 46 s. Last played Thursday, February 21 2019 at 04:20 AM. George Frideric Handel.

Album: Handel: Giove In Argo, Gauvin, Priante, Curtis, Il Complesso Barocco. Academy of Ancient Music. Christopher Hogwood, conductor.

Agrippina, HWV 6 by George Frideric Handel Performer: Elizabeth Wiles (Soprano), Hiroshi Matsui (Bass), David Cordier (Countertenor), Susanne Geb (Soprano), Guido Baehr (Baritone), Judith Braun (Mezzo Soprano), Markus Jaursch (Bass), Steve Wächter (Countertenor) Conductor: Konrad Junghänel Orchestra/Ensemble: Saarbrücken State Theater Orchestra Period: Baroque Written: 1709; Venice, Italy.

The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood. UMG (от лица компании "L'Oiseau Lyre CD"). Bernarda Fink, The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood.

Christopher was a great organiser of family events, and at the age of 10 persuaded the rest of the family to sing the Hallelujah Chorus from a score of Messiah that he had got hold of. Educated at Nottingham high school and the Skinners' school, Tunbridge Wells, he read classics and music at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and studied harpsichord with Rafael Puyana, Mary Potts and, later, Gustav Leonhardt. The appointment of Hogwood in 1986 as artistic director of the venerable Handel and Haydn Society in Boston, Massachusetts, seemed at the time to be symbolic. The embrace of period instruments by the society, founded in 1815 to promote the performance of the music of the two composers, marked the ascendancy of the historicist movement.

Album · 1991 · 69 Songs. Agrippina: Act 1. Aria: Con saggio tuo consiglio. Nicholas McGegan, Wendy Hill & Capella Savaria. This course often met in the professor's home, which contained both a large collection of 18th century wind instruments and a tenant named Christopher Hogwood. Hogwood, of course, was then one of the leading lions of the period-instrument Baroque movement in England, so McGegan could not have been in a better position to learn about it. Although he had been studying 20th century music, he picked up a Baroque wooden flute one day and never looked back.

Track List - Disc 1

Title/Composer Performer Time
Agrippina, opera, HWV 6
1 Sinfonia Christopher Hogwood 3:39
2 Act I: Recitativo; "Nerone, amato, figlio!" Christopher Hogwood 2:48
3 Act I: Aria; "Col saggio tuo consiglio" Christopher Hogwood 4:37
4 Act I: Recitativo; "Per così grande impresa" Christopher Hogwood 3:36
5 Act I: Aria; "La mia sorte fortunata" Christopher Hogwood 3:24
6 Act I: Recitativo; "Or che Pallante è vinto" Christopher Hogwood 2:25
7 Act I: Aria; "Volo pronto, e lieto il core" Christopher Hogwood 3:40
8 Act I: Recitativo; "Quanto fa, quanto puote" Christopher Hogwood
9 Act I: Aria; "L'alma mia fra le tempeste" Christopher Hogwood 2:29
10 Act I: Arioso; "Qual piacere a un cor pietoso" Christopher Hogwood 2:33
11 Act I: Recitativo; "Amici, al sen vi stringo" Christopher Hogwood 1:34
12 Act I: Recitativo; "Voi, che dell'alta Roma" Christopher Hogwood 1:10
13 Act I: Quartetto; "Il tuo figlio" Christopher Hogwood 0:44
14 Act I: Recitativo; "Ma qual di liete trombe" - Arietta; "Allegrezze, Allegrezze!" - Recitativo; "Ch Christopher Hogwood 2:22
15 Act I: Recitativo; "Alle tue fiamme, O Augustea" Christopher Hogwood 3:38
16 Act I: Aria; "Tu ben degno" Christopher Hogwood 5:41
17 Act I: Recitativo; "L'ultima del gioir metà gradita" - Aria; "Lusinghiera mia speranza" Christopher Hogwood 4:41
18 Act I: Aria; "Vaghe perle, eletti fiori" Christopher Hogwood 4:39
19 Act I: Recitativo; "otton, Claudio, Nerone" Christopher Hogwood 2:41
20 Act I: Aria; "È un fuoco quel d'amore" Christopher Hogwood 2:10
21 Act I: Recitativo; "Ma qui Agrippina viene" Christopher Hogwood 2:44
22 Act I: Aria; "Ho un non so nel cor" Christopher Hogwood 2:34
23 Act I: Recitativo; "cieli, quasi strani casi" Christopher Hogwood 0:52
24 Act I: Recitativo; "Non veggo più" Christopher Hogwood
25 Act I: Aria; "Pur ritorno a rimirarvi" Christopher Hogwood 4:39
26 Act I: Recitativo; "Ma, oh ciel, mesta e confusa" Christopher Hogwood 3:35

Track List - Disc 2

Title/Composer Performer Time
Agrippina, opera, HWV 6
1 Act I: Arietta; "Vieni, o cara" Christopher Hogwood 1:35
2 Act I: Recitativo; "Che mai farò - Terzetto; "E quando mai i frutti" - Recitativo; "Pur al fin si r Christopher Hogwood 2:10
3 Act I: Aria; "Non ho cor che per amarti" Christopher Hogwood 4:48
4 Act I: Recitativo; "Se Ottone m'ingannò" - Aria; "Se giunge un dispetto" Christopher Hogwood 2:56
5 Act II: Recitativo; "Dunque noi siam traditi?" Christopher Hogwood 0:47
6 Act II: Aria; "Coronato il crin d'alloro" Christopher Hogwood 3:24
7 Act II: Recitativo; "Roma, più ch'il trionfo" - Recitativo; "Ecco il superbo" Christopher Hogwood 1:50
8 Act II: Coro; "Di timpani e trombe" Christopher Hogwood 1:38
9 Act II: Recitativo; "nella Britannia vinta" - Aria; "Cade il mondo soggiogato" Christopher Hogwood 3:50
10 Act II: Recitativo; "Signor, quanto il mio core" Christopher Hogwood 2:08
11 Act II: Arietta; "Nulla sperar da me" Christopher Hogwood 1:23
12 Act II: Recitativo; "E tu Poppea" - Aria; "Tuo ben è'l trono" Christopher Hogwood 1:40
13 Act II: Recitativo; "Scorri almen, Nerone!" Christopher Hogwood 2:26
14 Act II: Recitativo; "Scherzo son del destino" Christopher Hogwood 0:37
15 Act II: Recitativo; "Otton, qual portentoso fulmine" Christopher Hogwood 1:09
16 Act II: Aria; "Voi che udite il mio lamento" Christopher Hogwood 4:53
17 Act II: Aria; "Bella pur del mio diletto" Christopher Hogwood 3:32
18 Act II: Recitativo; "Il tormento d'Ottone" Christopher Hogwood 0:34
19 Act II: Arioso; "Vaghe fonti" - Recitativo; "Ma qui che veggo, oh ciel!" - Recitativo; "Ottone trad Christopher Hogwood 6:39
20 Act II: Aria; "Ti vo' giusta e non pietosa" Christopher Hogwood 1:54
21 Act II: Recitativo; "Di quali ordite trame" Christopher Hogwood 1:48
22 Act II: Recitativo; "Pur al fine ti ritrovo" Christopher Hogwood 2:14
23 Act II: Aria; "Col peso del tuo amor" Christopher Hogwood 3:56
24 Act II: Recitativo; "Qual bramato piacere" - Aria; "Quando invita la donna l'amante" Christopher Hogwood 2:54
25 Act II: Aria; "Pensieri, voi mi tormentate" Christopher Hogwood 2:35

Track List - Disc 3

Title/Composer Performer Time
Agrippina, opera, HWV 6
1 Act II: Recitativo; "Qual ch'oprai è soggetto a gran periglio" Christopher Hogwood 0:51
2 Act II: Aria; "Pensier, voi mi tormentate" Christopher Hogwood 0:54
3 Act II: Recitativo; "Se ben nemica sorte" Christopher Hogwood 1:08
4 Act II: Aria; "Col raggio placido" Christopher Hogwood 2:36
5 Act II: Recitativo; "Di giunger non dispero al mio dover" Christopher Hogwood 1:06
6 Act II: Aria, "Spererò, poi che mel dice" Christopher Hogwood 2:17
7 Act II: Recitativo; "Per dar la pace al core" Christopher Hogwood 4:12
8 Act II: Aria; "Basta sol che tu chieda" Christopher Hogwood 2:17
9 Act II: Recitativo; "Favorevol la sorte oggi m'arride" - Aria; "Ogni vento ch'al porto lo spinga" Christopher Hogwood 4:54
10 Act III: Recitativo; "Il caro Ottone al precipizio io spinsi" Christopher Hogwood 1:36
11 Act III: Aria; "Tacerò, tacerò" Christopher Hogwood 4:12
12 Act III: Recitativo; "Attendo qui Nerone e Claudio ancora" Christopher Hogwood 1:18
13 Act III: Aria; "Coll'ardor del tuo bel core" Christopher Hogwood 2:24
14 Act III: Recitativo; "Amico ciel, seconda il mio disegno" Christopher Hogwood 5:33
15 Act III: Aria; "Io di Roma il Giove sono" Christopher Hogwood 3:07
16 Act III: Recitativo; "Pur al fin se ne andò" Christopher Hogwood 1:39
17 Act III: Aria; "Pur ch'io ti stringa al sen" Christopher Hogwood 3:03
18 Act III: Recitativo; "Piega pur del mio cor" - Aria; "Bel piacer" Christopher Hogwood 2:01
19 Act III: Recitativo; "Cotanto osò Poppea?" Christopher Hogwood 1:19
20 Act III: Aria; "Come nube che fugge al vento" Christopher Hogwood 4:17
21 Act III: Recitativo; "Evvi donna più empia" - Recitativo; "Adorato mio sposo" Christopher Hogwood 7:28
22 Act III: Aria; "Se vuoi pace, o volto amato" Christopher Hogwood 2:50
23 Act III: Recitativo; "Ecco la mia rivale" Christopher Hogwood 3:38
24 Act III: Coro; "Lieto il Tebro increspi l'onda" Christopher Hogwood 1:20
25 Act III: Recitativo; "D'Ottone e di Poppea sul grande inesto" - Aria; "V'accendono le tede" Christopher Hogwood 3:09
26 Act III: Ballo Christopher Hogwood 2:37