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» » Napalm Death - Scum
Napalm Death - Scum album download

Napalm Death - Scum album download

Napalm Death
Grindcore,Heavy Metal,Death Metal
August, 1986 - May, 1987
Recording location:
Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham, England
MP3 archive size:
1734 mb
FLAC archive size:
1564 mb
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Scum is the debut studio album by English grindcore band Napalm Death. It was released on 1 July 1987 through Earache Records. Side A of Scum was originally recorded for £5. 0 at Rich Bitch studio (Birmingham, England) in August 1986. It was intended to form part of a split release with English crossover thrash band Atavistic on Manic Ears (Bristol, England). After an extensive line-up change, the second half of Scum was recorded in May 1987 at Rich Bitch studio

Scum ‎(Cass, Album, Unofficial). Vendi questa versione. MOSH 3. Napalm Death. Scum ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Spl).

But it's also fun to listen to - a strange word to use, but no doubt about it, the album has its own brand of rock & roll kicks taken to an almost ridiculous extreme. Split between the original lineup, with Broadrick and Bullen, and the next one, with Dorrian, Steer, and Shane Embury, Scum is a portrait of a place, time, and state of mind. Opener "Multinational Corporations" is the deep breath taken before the plunge: skittering cymbals, low-key feedback squalls, Bullen's rasped hatred - and then all hell breaks loose.

Scum by Napalm Death, released 01 July 1987 1. Multinational Corporations 2. Instinct of Survival 3. The Kill 4. Scum 5. Caught. in a Dream 6. Polluted Minds 7. Sacrificed 8. Siege of Power 9. Control 10. Born on Your Knees 11. Human Garbage 12. You Suffer 13. Life? 14. Prison Without Walls 15. Point of No Return 16. Negative Approach 17. Success? 18. Deceiver 19. . 20. Parasites 21. Pseudo Youth 22. Divine Death 23. As the Machine Rolls On 24. Common Enemy 25. Moral Crusade 26. Stigmatized 27.

This was first released by Napalm Death independently, but later Earache Records came across Napalm Death and made an official release of the full-length. The first half was also intended to be apart of a split with British hardcore act Atavistic. Considered by many to be the first grindcore album. Most of the albums, re-released or not, come in varied colors: orange, gold, green, blue, yellow. The main color of the release though is "lime green"/yellow as pictured on this page.

Napalm Death's debut album, Scum, was recorded throughout 1986 and released in 1987, and defines grindcore music to this day. Mick Harris, the drummer, was the first to coin the term, and the band was the first to apply a sound to the genre. While there were bands playing the same sort of music, it was Napalm Death who gave it direction and shaped it into what it is today. It was a revolution in heavy music

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Multinational Corporations Napalm Death 1:06
2 Instinct of Survival Napalm Death 2:26
3 The Kill Napalm Death 0:23
4 Scum Justin Broadrick / Nicholas James Bullen Napalm Death 2:38
5 Caught...In a Dream Napalm Death 1:47
6 Polluted Minds Napalm Death 0:58
7 Sacrificed Napalm Death 1:06
8 Siege of Power Napalm Death 3:59
9 Control Napalm Death 1:23
10 Born on Your Knees Napalm Death 1:48
11 Human Garbage Napalm Death 1:32
12 You Suffer Napalm Death 0:04
13 Life? Napalm Death 0:43
14 Prison Without Walls Napalm Death 0:38
15 Point of No Return Napalm Death 0:35
16 Negative Approach Napalm Death 0:32
17 Success? Napalm Death 1:09
18 Deceiver Napalm Death 0:29
19 C.S. Napalm Death 1:14
20 Parasites Napalm Death 0:23
21 Pseudo Youth Napalm Death 0:42
22 Divine Death Napalm Death 1:21
23 As the Machine Rolls On Napalm Death 0:42
24 Common Enemy Napalm Death 0:16
25 Moral Crusade Napalm Death 1:32
26 Stigmatized Napalm Death 1:03
27 M.A.D. Napalm Death 1:34
28 Dragnet Napalm Death 1:01
  • Scum, the debut album by Napalm Death was groundbreaking. Grindcore was born and countless other bands would emulate the most extreme music to be unleashed at the time. Napalm Death first appeared on a compilation album called Bullshit Detector Three and were loosely aligned with the Crass camp. Scum can be a difficult listen for the closed minded, but fruits are abundant in this gem. The music is a strange brew of punk, death, thrash and speed metal full of explosive energy, hyper speed blasts of power and like nothing that came before it. Scum along with From Enslavement To Obliteration and Mentally Murdered form an essential trilogy of albums featuring original vocalist Lee Dorian. Barney Greenway, from Benediction, would join for Harmony Corruption pushing Napalm Death closer to pure death/thrash metal. But that's not to say they were unoriginal. There are always great surprises in every release. Napalm Death is among the best bands of all-time, from the classic Scum to their current releases. A must!!

  • Favorite Tracks: 8. Siege of Power 12. You Suffer 13. Life? 17. Success? 22. Divine Death 25. Moral Crusade

  • Now, for something really funny: after the general Power Electronics opener, Napalm Death's first album ever kicks in, presenting itself as one of the funniest Rock albums to come during the 80s. Napalm Death, at the time, were a British band who had not very clear ideas about their sound and inspirations, so it shouldn't surprise that Scum comes out more like a joke album than a serious rant about "the system" (whatever this term may mean). The first side is an entire Celtic Frost rip-off, from the D-tuned, fuzzed-out guitars to the riffs, which consist of casually put notes all over in order to keep chugging. In particular, the music on this side is so premeditated and formulaic (moderately fast instrumental sections alternating with ultra-speedy stanzas shouted in a handful of seconds, and only the overlong "Siege of Power" acts like a true "song" here), it comes out as a boring display of malevolence which instead doesn't absolutely help the band to hide what their worshipping idols are. These sessions, dating from 1986, don't bring anything new in the table.By comparison, the second side is a constant stunner. This side includes the legendary future Carcass guitarist Bill Steer and the music is generally better. The guitar tuning is in C#, while the rhythm section comes out totally elastic, for a generally sharper and more direct approach. Really, it's the whole highlight of the album, while the other doesn't even try to. Round it up with shorter songs and more focused, Minimalist songwriting and sloppier execution, and you have the polar opposite of the other side. These sessions, dating from 1987, sound like stunning garbage, and are responsible of the coining of the "Grindcore" tag.In general, Scum's approach is so hateful, calculated and punchy than, more than being confrontational and convincing, it often feels offensive because of the absence of subjects ("There is a fascist / Inside of you / Controlling your life / And what you do", "They not only pollute the air They pollute our minds / They're destroying the earth / And destroying mankind", "Nothing I can say / That hasn't already been said / Generic words & thoughts Similarly expressed", "You sanctimonious slime / Understanding discarded / The truth is clear / It's you that's retarded"). The best way to look at Scum is in fact a manifesto of comical "left-field" Situationism. It may not make this kind of art look better, but at least it can give to it another possible meaning. 2 stars for the first side, 5 for the other.Highlights:"Control", "Life?", "Prison Without Walls", "Point of No Return", "Deceiver", "Divine Death".